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Hazey Jane // WINSTON ViSTA // The Ocean Blue // …obviously // Tracy Bryant

Hazey Jane – Open

Roberto Bertoli, Laurent Judson, Paul Jordan, and Connor Smith make up HAZEY JANE. And what you are hearing is the decadent single ‘Open’ where blues based guitar driven vibes radiate in supple aptitude and delight. We could have seen the 90’s version of Eric Clapton could have played this single. But nope. HAZEY JANE has done it in 2019, and we’re so very glad they have. The Hackney London based quartet is a beautifully carried band that hits all of the points that you deserve from such an offering. It’s all in the delivery and the subtle nuances with ‘Open’ where each instrument, including the vocals, casts inflections that are charming and so admirable. Something that can’t be ignored, we say. We’re looking forward to more special songs from the gang.

WINSTON ViSTA – Somewhere Else

Somewhere else is the first track on WINSTON ViSTA’s 2019 debut EP “WILDCAT HiDEOUT”. The song reflects how a person changes even when their immediate surroundings do not.
WINSTON VISTA is the netherworld, underpinned by the other dimensional. ‘Somewhere Else’ is that cat calling vibe that whistles to the summation of a Universe within. A trudging, and whimsical seriousness that is destined, but never willed, the song is an anomoly without form, but with angular note castrations. It’s a contrast within a contrast. And that is both alarming and somehow, comforting. Off of WV’s debut EP ‘WILDCAT HiDEOUT’, the words just are short of why it is. We think is ‘just is’. And the fulfillment is complete.

The Ocean Blue – It Takes So Long

THE OCEAN BLUE debuted in 1989 with songs like ‘Between Something and Nothing’. With a very long list of accolades and as many years as a staple of progressive pop, the former teens from Hershey, Pennsylvania continue to make music a priority to their being. ‘It Takes So Long’ is a part of this new list of offerings from the veterans. Frontman David Schelzel, Oed Ronne, Bobby Mittan, and Peter Anderson keeps the vibe on point, as the shoegazing ‘It Takes So Long’ takes you on a perpetual journey, of hidden talents and futuristic incantations. The guys are touring and can be seen next at Underground Arts in Philadelphia August 23rd.

…obviously – Bones

Loneliness is a vibrant light to the song ‘Bones’. Maybe subconsciously we are all lonesome to a degree. And it doesn’t matter what your social status or how popular you are to your hundreds of friends. Humans are built to be longing, ever insatiable even when we have ‘much’. The Bristol UK based artist …obviously elaborated: “‘Bones’ was inspired by a dream I had, from which I was quickly awakened, desperately remembering as much as I could from it. I think when you listen to it, it has a very dream-like feel, which is helped along by the layers of reverb on many of the stems.” We don’t know what …obviously dreamed of exactly. But we know from her song, that the layer of complexity was overwhelming. Just like humans, us, and of …obviously. Expression in the most ardent minimalism.

Tracy Bryant – The Nightmare

Los Angeles songwriter, and self professed ‘odd-ball’, TRACY BRYANT, is nothing but flavorful. ‘The Nightmare’ is a fluent exposition in lyrics, skinning clean the inhibiting masks of our social expositions. Melodic, poetic, melodramatic – the virtuosity of ‘The Nightmare’ is refreshing, and unencumbered to the max. With a touch of Americana boot kicking from the psyche tinged chords, the tang of the song soars above the rest. Look for this fabulous addition to the Universe when his new album ‘Hush’ drops August 30th, produced by Kyle Mullarky (The Growlers, Allah-La’s).


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