Headphone Hair ‘This Summer’ : Chemical reaction to seek the best of a situation – of love – potential – uncertain.

Headphone Hair

This Summer is an alt-pop summer single about freeing yourself from toxic relationships. And this tale is told from Ian Walters and his fabulous vocals.

“It’s going to be different, this time”.

We exude confidence when fallen. Fallen in love and of passions. It’s the basic chemical reaction to seek the best of a situation – of love – potential – uncertain.

Let’s give it the best shot it deserves, despite our trail of broken hearts.

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Happy to announce the release of my single ‘This Summer,’ out next Friday the 14th! Pretty please and thank you for tapping that pre-save link in my bio to help it gain some traction! As a summer jam, ideally this would have been out at the start of…this summer. But it was certainly not the summer for that, especially as this pop song is yet another example of a white person appropriating and benefiting from Black music. In the case of this song, all streaming proceeds will continue to go to the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music, along with all my streaming revenue from the summer months. The song itself deals with finally seeing clearly & letting go of toxic relationships, and stumbling into healthier ones you thought you might never figure out how to have. No better way to represent this than with a college photo from my buddy Thelonious Elliott, who I look to in many ways as one of the healthiest, most challenging, intelligent and compassionate relationships I’ve been lucky enough to have. Thanks for pre-saving it, and get excited! Produced gorgeously by @thecanvasgroup_

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