Heads or Heads ‘Climbing Up’ (Video) : Lyrically fascinating. Staggered to full-bodied flavor.

Heads or Heads

Kansas City-based indie pop artist Heads or Heads offers a unique vision within the confines of the Midwest – a vision that has attracted a following from around the world. The music that blends genres and evokes sounds of artists such as Tame Impala and Beck.

Off of the upcoming album ‘Low Angles’ (May 1st), the eclectic stylings of Alex, burns through the paper of your thoughts like night and day. A grizzle of deliciousness, piped in with the most satisfying reverb work this side of the Rio Grande, the project is a shimmering fact of embers, flying off into the atmosphere like fleeting memories.

Lily Mueller lending her fab minimalist vocals on this track, it’s so fun and engaging, to the hilt.


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Heads or Heads ‘Climbing Up’ : Flying off into the atmosphere like fleeting memories.

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