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Headspacer Shares ‘Save Your Mind’. “Chills As You Held Out Your Hand”.

You promised me that we’d go see the museum that weekend. That Saturday, to be exact. Then suddenly you changed your mind that Friday night. Why? Why do you do these little spiteful things to me? What did I do to deserve this?

You were my love, from the first time we had met. Your blond medium length hair was so beautiful in the Spring sunlight. As we said hi, and started to talk at the dinner table, and as our friends started to give us a bit more room to get to know each other, we stood and walked.

Your strong hands gave me chills as you held out your hand to hold mine.

You don’t give me that feeling anymore, Frank. You just don’t. I question myself, how has this come to this dire situation? I don’t know either.

Yes. I cancelled the trip to the museum. And that’s because it’s not worth it anymore!

You promised me that we’d always be together. Why did you leave me Frank? Why?

The photo of Mary and Frank was altered now, on that lonely fireplace – with no chance of going back.

Stephen Burke is HEADSPACER and his vocal uniqueness is his hallmark. And with that arsenal, singles turn into something different and interesting. Whether relationships, or situations in this often crazy world, Stephen seems to look at things from the angles, missed. And we dig that.



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