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HeartBlanch – Black Roads

From the new EP ‘Black Roads’, Ukraine based indie rock band HeartBlanch comes at us with this intriguingly timed and paced title single. The balls of the impending, rolls down a path of war and intransigence. But we, individuals, don’t need to. We can resist. We can be the best, for ourselves, and for the people who live among us. With an anthemic deputizing vocals, that exude across the spectrum, the simple and slightly stripped down electronically imbued single, cattle calls to the ominous and persistent. The new-wave influenced single is a off-pace, staggered dream of poetry. In the actions of such culminations, we can thrive again. We think HeartBlanch wants us to, for sure.

Holden Laurence – Friendship and The Fever

HOLDEN LAURENCE knows how to have fun. ‘Friendship And The Fever’ is what’s left. That relationship, that love, that weekend, that meal – it’s all relative. And when the thing that you enjoyed the most isn’t with you any longer, you’re blue with sadness. But in life, the sad comes with the happiness; the sour comes along with the sweet. There’s not experiencing the other, without its antithesis. From the playful vocal tensions and attentions, the indie-pop affections radiate with ease on this single. Holden’s gaze is wide and bright, through your speakers and in his live sets – there’s not getting away from the nostalgic fun-ness. His sophomore album ‘Rewire’ drops May 10th, and Holden will be waiting for you.

IRAH – Cinematic

Adi Zukanović’s Balkan upbringing is documented and displayed in the video for ‘Cinematic’. The Danish duo of Adi and Stine Grøn comes through with thoughtful songwriting that is always beautiful to witness. War torn in the 90’s the Adi was born in Bosnia, and when young and a refugee in her homeland, a keyboard was found and a new future budded, from the ashes. Adi found his own solace and fascination through the power of music and his will to wield his new found freedom. The freedom to express in notes, curtailed parts of the struggles and worries, and hard-wiring stories of truth and personal viabilities into his now published songs. The duo will drop their debut album ‘Diamond Grid’ on May 24th, and with it, the duo comes to one of the circles of life where expectations and ambitions, join to mold something new and vibrant, once more. Directors Jakob Steen and Samina Bazai stated: “We dove into the picturesque colors of the VHS tapes, and deliberately tried to listen to, and understand, the material, rather than manipulating it…We tried to follow the song’s own logic and inherent narrative structures, as well as the associative connections between the sound, imagery and words.” Bravo, indeed.

Team Love – Limelight

Listen. Sit down. Listen, again. TEAM LOVE’s single ‘Limelight’ is a hymn of strength and convictions. The beautiful singing in this single is evident from the first note. The shivers of acknowledgement is embedded deep inside the vocals and the notes of emotions. The Melbourne 4 piece band brings country, Americana, and bluegrass to a hailing shine. First formed in 2016, they are here to break, melt, mold, and mend. The evangelical beauty of ‘Limelight’ is what music can radiate towards, and the honesty of the verses are gorgeous. TEAM LOVE consists of: Ruby McGrath, Ruby Cattell, Monique Bricknell, and George Rowland. And they are four souls who make music that enthralls and makes us feel alive, once more. ‘Limelight’ comes with 2 other equally enchanting offerings:’Sad Little life’ and ‘Mean’. The debut EP is a solum but enthusiastic statement for songwriting and delivery of such complex and meaningful emotional stories. It’s a warmth worth listening to again.

Sheer Calm – False Colours

“Clusterfuck of colour” is how the band describes their latest music video. Sure is. We can’t disagree. The wailing guitars, in the best tradition of garage/grunge aesthetics, they kick butt with ‘False Colours’ without even trying hard. But they come through. SHEER CALM is a band that makes things happen in virtual reality and in the vaccuum of dispositions and calamities. The 3 piece banter in music, rocks it out like there’s not tomorrow and when the clashes of percussion and instruments melt into a gnostic heaven – you ponder, no more. The band came from the “ashes” of a previous band, the mates count down the music like counting down the minutes to our existence. One, two, three, four…infinity. Life is like a box of chocolates, but with much more color and depth than you’d think. Have you had the chance to delve deeper into what this life can afford you? Emotions are self constructed, most of the time, and it all can be as glorious as you’d like. The Birmingham based band keeps it real and we think ‘False Colours’ is a key we can utilize to high heaven. Let’s party. Let’s make life a ‘clusterfuck’ of a great time.


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