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HeartsRevolution – Pop Heart

Ah, irony and sarcasm – we love these communication tools. It permeates our every day, whether for entertainment, politics, etc. We as a society couldn’t get along without them.

Some get offended (actually a big chunk of the population of earth get offended), some pretend to get offended, many more love being ‘pnkd’, some accept it – and we at CHF love it, and we love it in HeartsRevolution.

From a purely external view the facade of pink crayon, Japanese calligraphy, ironic notes and phrases, and symbolic liberal connotations seem to be what HearsRevolution is only about. But like many human beings and groups, there are layers, lots and lots of layers. And just like an onion (or maybe more like artichokes) the hard but tasty insides reveal themselves for Gordon Ramsay’s judgement.

HeartsRevolution brings it. And brings it good in Pop Heart. We’re still confused about what the song’s about, but sometimes we don’t care! It’s a fun and bombastic – a lightly dipped 80’s montage and salted in Japanese manga cosplay extravagance.

We like it for what it is. And we’d recommend you do too.

Go ahead have an artichoke leaf.

HeartsRevolution’s Revolution Rising is out on cassette August 18, 2017, via Burger Records



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