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Heath Jansen – Maybe Everything Will Be Alright

Chicagoan HEATH JANSEN is unique breed. His path to rockin’ starts young (like many of his peers) but the way he takes modern folk and rock to build something refreshing and quenching is something else. ‘Maybe Everything Will Be Alright’ is one of those droplets of water that makes everything better. With a pinch of Eddie Money, Beatles, the driving single is a fresh breeze underneath your tired wings. After many bands, in 2016, he’d dropped his first solo record. “Consider it a successful failure, in that it was very much a learning experience for me and helped me to refocus what i wished to convey in my music.” Humble as can be, Heath, continued his writing and primarily focused on songwriting and ’emphasis’ on melody. And in a song like this, all of the work shows, in spades. We can’t wait to dig deeper into Heath’s new bodies of work. His latest 2 track EP ‘Maybe Everything Will Be Alright / Conversation’ is out now.

Common Jack – Viñales

Trips are a great way for a artist like COMMON JACK to get inspired. And in this delicious indie-folk offering ‘Viñales’ off of the new EP ‘Canyons in the Dark’. The song is a reminiscence of a trip to Cuba, and in it, it sings of the delights of escaping the city of Havana and dipping their sensibilities within the country-side. As nature took over more of the scene, COMMON JACK, seemed compelled by the beauty around them. Describing the magical feelings felt in a slice of life, is what COMMON JACK does so well. And all of the shimmer collectively and succulently, frame the stories in relatable resonance.

Dogs at Large – All Day

DOGS AT LARGE is made up of Sam Pirruccello, Adam Gilmour, Jamie Yanda, Steve Malito, and Chris Kolodziej. They take the best traditions of 70’s soft-rock and makes it their own, with songs like ‘All Day’. Sam Pirruccello heads this lyrical expedition and many of the external varnish is taken off, as he delves deep into introspection, doubts, memories, and the sultry relevances of life. From the keys to the decadent vocals of Sam, makes ‘All Day’ that trip down to a decade of the past, we sometimes wish for once more. Innocence, ignorance, love and loneliness, is wrapped beautifully in DOGS AT LARGE’s singles, and it’s a delight to watch them unfold. ‘All Day’ is the first release from the new upcoming album ‘Delusions Of Paradise’. We recommend you look for it when it drops March 1st, 2019.

WUZI – Big Noose

The dreamy / hazy grandness of WUZI’s single ‘Big Noose’ is undeniable. Off of the latest EP ‘Severed Head’, Leeds UK based WUZI is just awesome. No way to put it other than that. Putting back the indie-rock badge back into the right orders of things, the band outright rocks in their latest EP. With hard-rock blood spewing from the vocals and never compromising with authenticity, the band’s growling and brooding style evicerates your notions to one thousand little pieces of emotional havoc. And there’s only way to resolve that angst – just rock with this band. Guitars raking, vocals guiding, and effects framing, the band is just a great old time.

Adil – The Light

ADIL’s lyrics traverses indie-pop and the edges of ripe memories of that first kiss. It’s that delicate and beautiful on ‘The Light’. The r&b sensibilities brought to the fore, with the descriptive tones and colors of dented emotions and frailties of us all, is pure delight. With the best traditions of bands like his contemporary, Aquilo, ADIL’s soft but confident reflections in lyrics and delivery, is easy to love and be infatuated. The soulful renditions stage our consciousness with revelry. The shimmer never fades, and we’re swept away soundly, and profoundly.


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