Hedluv + Passman ‘Luv Interest’ : Stories of our inner happiness, in that unadulterated Casio driven sugary goodness.

Hedluv Passman

Malcolm and Shirley looks adorable (in the video) as they portray the vibe of what Hedluv + Passman’s single ‘Luv Interest’ is all about. Simple really. Love is equal parts dedication, unity, and working the system of life, together.

Hedluv + Passman are a rare natural phenomenon that can only be known through the senses. Through the power of Casio keyboards and high intensity performances they have circumnavigated the globe twice and half, gaining high profile fans along the way, including Flight of the Conchords’ Rhys Darby. They may have come up in the halcyon days of MySpace, but they have never stopped.

In ‘Luv Interest’, Hedluv blends fuzzy Casio keyboard warmth with Passman’s highlife style guitar playing and Binky’s lush vocal harmonies, and creates a colorful backdrop for his most romantic rap song to date.

The song is fun and frothy. But at its core, the message and texture of the song is more profound than its first impressions. A likable neighbor of a song, it surely and empathetically opens up stories of our inner happiness, in that unadulterated Casio driven sugary goodness.

Dance if you like. We did too.

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third time’s a charm

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