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Helena Deland Shares Mesmerizing ‘Claudion’. “Melty And Crispy And Mesmerizing.”

HELENA DELAND’s newest single release ‘Claudion’ is so melty and crispy and mesmerizing, that we didn’t know what to do about it for a while. But then we let things breathe, clean out our lungs, and absorbed what this single was all about. And the depth of the product is what HELENA DELAND has always been: dynamic, innovative, seductive.

We have been seduced and left at the corner of the floor.

Nothing’s changed with us, but our brain has become a bit mush from her lush vocals.

Vibe is what it is. Vibe tells which direction. But it isn’t ALL.

We’re in love with HELENA and her method of approach to her music, and we dig that about ourselves.

We’re proud, to be that soccer mom recommending this single to all the neighborhood kids.

They look at us funny (because of the role reversal) but they succumb.

They’d better. We know their parents.

Anywho, the collection of memories is apparent in HD’s music. It’s a weird thing, also, that we’ve come across some fabulous Montreal based indie-pop artists.

The trend continues.

“The songs are to be considered as their own little things,” she says about her unconventional release structure. “They are part of something larger, yes, but they live on their own.”

“I’m learning to be really patient,” she says, “I can’t really force writing. When I’m ready to write a song the words and melody are usually there.”


Announces the release of Vol. III and Vol. IV of From The Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” drops October 19th.



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