Hello Abyss ‘Dismissive Strangers’ : Standing at the peak of that mountain, with head held high.

Hello Ayss

After having lost everything to a debilitating mental illness Ketil aka Hello Abyss tells his story of finding hope and meaning through his dark songwriting and personal take on electronic indie music.

‘Dismissive Strangers’ was written, performed and produced by Ketil Lind in his small apartment home studio. And from that small kernel of hope and inspiration, the scars of his life is refreshed in the effort to exalt the pains, neglect, and misunderstanding of which his scars became deep.

Stated Ketil: “The song is about dealing with the estrangement of friends that inevitably happens throughout the course of a life. The lyrics are about looking yourself in the mirror, trying to understand why it went down, the way it did… In the deepest darkness shines the brightest light is the mantra and driving force behind the song writing, exploring the contrasts of a healing voyage by not grieving over the loss of relationships, but appreciating the friends and family who stick with you through thick and thin.”

Strength and being reborn sometimes come to recognizing the little insignificant figure of life. From there you fight with all your might to understand and protect such gift – the only support to your existence – hoping that someday it will help you realize the truth of where you’d been in the crevasse.

That’s what Ketil’s story, ‘Dismissive Strangers’ does so well to propose in telling this personal tale.

You riot and clap at the victory to come; standing at the peak of that mountain, with head held high.


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