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Hello Heartland // Ocean Potion // Frederick The Younger // Zoo Lake // Lone Wild

Hello Heartland – Headless, fell

‘Headless, fell’ continues HELLO HEARTLAND’s gloomy, but interestingly optimistic vocal/lyrical method of telling a story. Stated the band: “The late Jason Molina once sang “being in love means you are completely broken”… Love wrecks you, especially when it is unanswered. The uncertainty of whether or not to receive love, having given love, is what this track explores.” Just can’t say it much better than that. The band’s new album ‘Strange Entrapments’ is available now.

Ocean Potion – Lights Out

When hope becomes dark and unattainable, you suddenly dig deep. Something inside wells up with a cocktail of fear, loneliness, happiness, doubt. OCEAN POTIN’s ‘Lights Out’ promises a tangible description of a discombobulating mix of feelings when in a traumatic situation. Well, at least that’s what we feel when listening to this dreamy, and gnostic narration of a song. The project is made up of members from Canadian bands Yukon Blonde and Zeus. It poses a delectable blend of marshall notes, up against a mural of possibilities of sound. The new debut LP will be released soon.

Frederick The Younger – Everyone’s Changing

Jenni Cochran and Aaron Craker of FREDERICK THE YOUNGER comes at us with the soothing and subtle guitar fuzzed single named ‘Everyone’s Changing’. And in this mix of Americana and rock sensibilities, the band keeps it direct and poignant. With honesty and an outlook that shimmers if seen at the right angles, the malaise ridden gem of ‘Everyone’s Changing’ tries to defy the conventional. The trip is certainly worth while.

Zoo Lake – Black Gated Mega Dungeon

Death-Goth metal feel is draping all around this single ‘Black Gated Mega Dungeon’ by ZOO LAKE. The Johannesburg South Africa quartet (made up of Givan Lötz, Adriaan Hugo, Brett Rubin and Joe Paine) brings you the quintessential twist in music making, viably mashing multiple style disciplines, that just plainly works to the core. From the masked ‘terror’ of the vocals, to the trudging gapes of the power chords, ZOO LAKE’s psychedelic ‘trauma’ of a single takes you into a cave and tell you they’ll be back in a ‘couple of hours’. You wait. And listen, and wish the day to be better – wholesome. Just do it.

Lone Wild – Seasons

Have you every seen a commercial and you thought to yourself: “Boy, wish we could be on that trip.” That’s exactly what ‘Seasons’ from LONE WILD presents for our souls. The unrelenting vocals and the rock peaks gain the respect of a heart trying its best to cope with the world that is always against its success. It’s a challenge seen and experienced by the members of Lone Wild. A personal promise to get through – to weather the storm is what ‘Seasons’ feels to us. And that feeling is a welcome addition. ‘Seasons’ is the 4th single from their upcoming record.


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