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Hendrix Harris Shares ‘New Chains (Prod by G E N I U S)’.

The rain was hard hitting this day. It rained until it seemed like there was no more rain to drop, any longer. Nature was a bit stubborn and was rocking everything against the little town where he’d lived. The dirt driveways and the mountains, seemed to be driven back to the painting of that mindset.

The strong and refreshing rains brought the calm, and smile to her face, as she opened the window. The white curtains, silhouette up against her face, made the shadows linger, friendly to her whims.

He sat there on his little porch, of evening past, all washed away and cleaned.

His sandaled toes swished up against the pounding droplets of the monsoon.

The crackling of thunder, far off in the distance, was a warning.

They didn’t care.

For the moment.

HENDRIX HARRIS brings it in this perpetually big and charismatic single ‘New Chains’. It is very rare that we feature any singles that have any spoken word or rap in a song, but we had to with this one. The chorus on top of the unique retro feel of Hendrix’ vocals, just melts you into that caramel nougat of life’s inner core. Sinking deep to your ears, in ecstasy and into a sublime sonic experience.

We say good stuff.

You should too.



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