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Henrik Appel Shares ‘Tomorrow’. Gather Yourself, Rummage Through The Jungle. You’ll Get There.

Bleeding slightly into the psychedelic rock realm, in his latest single ‘Tomorrow’, Henrik Appel turns on the charm and puts on the guitar enthusiasm. And this is by design, and we think this is surely a sound that appeals to all (of us in the office). The ‘chaotic’ ‘rambling’ of the instrumentals are only cut and highlighted by the vocals of Appel. The vocals brings the sound together like it should, and we dig that to bits.

Upcoming album ‘Burning Bodies’ drops June 29.

“It could easily have turned out that way,” says Appel, “but I wanted it to be something else. I was listening to a lot of Brian Eno, especially Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), and basing the drums around that kind of thing. I took a lot of inspiration from my friends and their bands, too, especially Growth; they’re a three-piece, and they generate a big sound with little instrumentation. I was trying to do something like that with Burning Bodies, rather than just recording the tracks with my voice and an acoustic guitar.”

“You know how on the first Velvet Underground album, you can hear that the individual performances aren’t that important? It’s how it all sounds when it comes together. So I recorded my vocals and played the guitar parts at the same time, and then added a lot of different instruments on top of it. Emma sings some backing vocals, and [insert name here] played synthesizers and even tuba!”

“It’s a phrase from one of the songs, but I think it could describe so many different feelings. It could be bodies literally burning, it could be bodies that are burning with emotion, it could be bodies physically heating up as you’re having sex. There’s a lot of possibilities.” Lion’s Den are set to return to the studio later this year to work on their sophomore album; whilst it’s likely to be a world away sonically from Burning Bodies, it’ll no doubt be a stronger record for Appel having made such a compelling solo detour.

His own words is surely enough.


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