Henry Aaron ‘Athena in Oregon’ : Soothing sadness in melancholic positivity. Drapes your senses the acoustic vocals, offer up the world.

Henry Aaron

‘Athena in Oregon’ was written in rural Idaho and recorded in Nashville. “This song contemplates the ineffable importance of place and balances between returning home and losing it,” said Henry Aaron. Henry’s upcoming EP, ‘A Moment of Clarity’, offers an intimate mediation on the stickiness of location.

Drawing inspiration from The National and Cass McCombs, Henry’s sound captures and interrogates his upbringing in the northwest.

Through swells of ethereal ballads, his songs constantly balance on the precipice of coming home or losing it. Paired with evocative lyricism, these songs beg listeners to lean into their longing as Aaron’s melodies often articulate the often-ineffable feeling of place.

Grace and palpable endurance of love and all of its ilk, the soothing sadness in melancholic positivity, drapes your senses as Henry’s acoustic vocals, offer up the world.


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