Henry Alexander ‘In My Shoes’ : In inner look that pre-emanates into lessons now, and forever.

henry Alexander

‘In my shoes’ is the third single of Henry Alexander.

“This song came together very quickly,” said Henry, “the lyrics echo my feelings regarding recent global events and the importance of empathy and seeing things from another’s perspective. Regardless of socio economic or ethnic background.”

“Hey you, how’d you like to be in my shoes” a lyric from the track; is like saying the old gem, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. So be careful what you wish for, you might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

And out of the past, a look into the future, is beautifully represented in this irreverent culmination of delight and frothy vibes. A tale of love and affection, Henry’s decadent axioms for ho to go about life, is an inner look that pre-emanates into lessons now, and forever.

Sultry rockabilly, meets pop sensibilities – combining to entertain to the hilt.

The band consists of: Henry ‘Hal2000’ Alexander, Sam ‘The’ Swain, Paul (Special) K, Nate (Dog) Would and Jordi Edwards.

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