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Henry Hall // Isak Wilson // the fin. // Smoke Stack Rhino // Tom Boy

Henry Hall – Such a Bummer

Laid back indie-pop ballad ‘Such a Bummer’ by HENRY HALL is a chuff of a song. Delicate, intricate, caring, and with a tinge of acceptance for the fallibility of life – the song kicks into r&b/soul pop dive, with as much dexterity as you can find. We’re not strangers to Henry. We’d said this of the Los Angeles based artist: “Looking back at the times of inner turmoils, of situations that seems arbitrary and non-sensical to the outsider, Henry delves and touches on a subject that deviates a person’s life from concept and on to form.” Creative vocals with wit and honest habits, Henry has it going on. His brand of pop is all that can be for the modern taste.

Isak Wilson – Prism

“I wrote this song about a crush, wanting to be with her, and feeling like we could be synergistic,” commented ISAK WILSON. “I wrote it with an acoustic guitar, but when recording it I threw everything at the wall and saw what stuck. Synthesizers galore, electric guitars, live drums, production tricks, delayed vocal harmonies, programmed drum samples, everything. What you hear is a weird amalgamation of dream pop, funk rock, ambience, and hard rock.” Isak is a one man band, and that’s the way he wants it. And in this latest single ‘Prism’, you can guess about where his heart rests, with the tone of love and its numerous shimmers. Vibrant and effervescent, organically developed, the mentally unique and diligent vocals of his steps across the red line of ultimatums with no fear. It’s a journey. A car trip that is another chapter in your life. Open top. Wind in your hair.

the fin. – Gravity

“I wanted to put out this emotion as sometimes I don’t have any idea whether I should resist or accept the pains and contradictions I have. Sometimes I feel that gravity works not only physically but mentally.” Yuto Uchino (vocals, synths and guitar) and Kaoru Nakazawa (bass) are the artists that brings their project the fin., to life. And with it, the duo combines EDM sensibilities and crafty electro-pop rock, into that sliver of area of grandness and grandiose interpretations. The refreshing vocals to the gladly-loving frame of mind, ‘Gravity’ surges with groove and beautiful tenderness. The veterans of delight, makes it happen again.

Smoke Stack Rhino – Doom Boogie

Australian trio SMOKE STACK RHINO pack some punch in their single ‘Doom Boogie’. Yes, it’s rock. It’s classic. And it makes you wanna boogie (like it wasn’t obvious, right?). The gang plays with the emotional vehicles, called ‘music’, to get across the themed urges about ‘environmental destruction’. And sprouting from that, only the deep bruising heavy chords of a brooding hard-rock tabernacle of a song would do. ‘Doom Boogie’ For-The-Win. They want you to dance. While thinking about the Earth – you know, the thing that we live on and need to survive. Just sayin’.

Tom Boy – Wastecase

Nate Daniels and Dante Berardi Jr brings the very effervescent, more like the vibe of Sia, to the fore, with the single ‘Wastecase’. Don’t get us wrong, the project is always a breath of fresh gin & tonic, whenever you listen to them. But with ‘Wastecase’, it’s even more deeply slathered on artfully. And it’s a great thing. In a prior review we’d stated about the project: “The invigorating pace with salient visuals, knock your socks off as the message to move forward from unimaginable odds that can hinder.” TOM BOY is a very different animal, where the layer of that vaporously indescribable veneer of a typical pop-rock song, just doesn’t seem to exist. It’s like weight lifted off your shoulder, and that loving arm hug from your favorite girl, all at the same time. ‘Wastecase’ is an event.


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