Henry Taylour ‘Letters To A Fallen Leader’ : The deep, and the dark, within the sunshine of optimism.

Henry Taylour

A songwriter and guitarist originally from Oxfordshire UK, Henry released his debut single ‘Blood’ in July 2017. Since then, Henry’s been publishing songs in additional and consistent attitudes in an EP and singles.

One thing that has become a calling card for Henry – his humbly hefty and textural vocals – has never changed.

In ‘Letters To A Fallen Leader’, the song puts the protagonist in a tough spot of emotional candor and inquiry. But through it all, the light at the tunnel, in the form o Henry’s expressions and lyrical acumen, delights again, and again.

Small story, of towering personalities, collide to make the determination for the new dawn of opportunities – even in experiencing the seemingly unfair cloack of death.

Henry brings the deep, and the dark, within the sunshine of optimism of his musical style.

His latest ‘White Rocks’ (B-Side) is out now.


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