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Heptagon Heaven Shares ‘Lux’. Whether Fact Or Fiction. Whether Now Or Then.

What a trip. ‘Lux’ by HEPTAGON HEAVEN is a ‘trip and a half’ (as one of our friends would repeat). It’s the kind of inter-spacial gargantuan rhapsody we expect, when a dragon of Miyazaki-esque glam, comes to rescue us from the sights and sounds we dream up.

This single is an instrumental (we don’t do these often), but the notes played on the keys is notable. It warrants the ears of our inclinations for what an organized sonic experience should be.

The song is a ‘collage’ – of personal artifacts, and an amalgamation of documentary films, rolled up and saved int he archives of the brain. The Super 8mm, crinkled and hazy, becomes a part of you – a part that is unmistakable – indescribable – utterly personal.

The shine of light from the depths of the Sun, beams the waves of truth. Bringing forth the all encompassing truths, glued together, making us feel ‘right’; making ourselves nod in agreement.

Whether fact or fiction.

Whether now or then.

Whether this life, or another.

Keep rolling that movie; for you have to survive. You must survive.



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