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Hēran Soun Shares ‘I Offer’. “Unforgettable expectations of a yet none existent future.”

Hēran Soun’s way of expression is beautiful. It is his unique way of depicting his personal experiences, and unforgettable expectations of a yet none existent future.

We’d stated about him prior, this ways: “All along, the rich moaning and visceral sound of his music, stirred beneath his skin and his heart. His eagerness profound, the drive to express the menagerie of experiences in his past, erupts in his current form. The shattering glass of trepidation, gave rise to a confidence in his skills and his craftsmanship. The son of parents and of this world, breaks out of the shell – of an egg – seeing the opportunity of the light beyond, seeping through the beak spiked cracks. “It’s here. Your time is now,” his hearing heart swelled.”

And again in ‘I Offer’ you can hear the resistance to offer such tribulations.

It must be explored and honed in a way that is custom and personalized.

A toss of reality, resonates throughout.

And as Hēran Soun guides you to that horizon, you realize you’d already knew you’d be there.

There – a definition of contextual ambivalence, with a lock and key, only divine to you and you being.



You exist.



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