Herbivores ‘Weak Bones’ : Vibrant mix of composition brings down the house with its love for the game of life.


Off of sophomore EP ‘Nightshades’, the Brooklyn based artists, Herbivores, delight with every note in single ‘Weak Bones’.

Sonically rich, with green pastures of resonance and delight – ‘Weak Bones’ is a demonstration of soul, vibin’ in the air of cynicism and cruelty. It cuts through the palpable fire of the world that is here, replacing it with its own desires of ground shaking power and assumption.

Said the outfit: “Wherever there is light there is a shadow. ‘Nightshades’ refers to a group of vegetables including tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and peppers, the name came from the ancient belief that these plants grew in the dark of night. A definite contrast to the summery breezy demeanor of our first EP, ‘Nightshades’ circles themes of frustration and regret. The EP is dripping with acidity: dark, volatile, and cagey by nature – it continues the love story that was captured in our first EP but traces it into its climactic downward spiral into grief, anger, and separation”.

Written by all four members – Bel-Ami, Reddaz, Misha Savage and Will Sacks – the vibrant mix of composition brings down the house with its love for the game of life.

Even if life is oh so very cynical.


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