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Hero The Band // GAIJIN // Bears in Trees // The Hails // The Modern Strangers

Hero The Band – Back to Myself

Hero The Band said: “It’s about arising out of a place of feeling down and suffocated or having negative thoughts in your head. You’re constantly battling yourself. So, once you move past those feelings, you come back to who you’re meant to be. It’s an anthem for anybody who feels lost, insecure, or like an outcast. Know you can overcome whatever you’re facing.” Arena rock, experimental and r&b swagger – all come together to make this succulent experience named HERO THE BAND. We’d stated about them prior this way: “So, what of it? Can’t answer? That’s a typical reaction. And THAT is the reason that is so glorious about HTB. No segment, genre.” You an make HTB your own, your own way.

GAIJIN – Peach

GAIJIN is a singer-songwriter and producer currently based in the greater Los Angeles area. Minimal and righteously modern, ‘Peach’ by GAIJIN is a beautiful hymn to an ever diminishing value of our our hearts; a throw back to our visceral primordial ancestry and our individual salinity. The guiding light of ‘Peach’ is a solid choice of raspy invigoration, of darkness leaving in an urgent hurry. You smile. You cheer. You deliver your soul back that place of solace and grandeur. As it should deserve. She awaits your presence. GAIJIN will get you there.

Bears in Trees – I Am Cold

Being cold is the effect of heat leaving from your body to the atmosphere. It’s a side of the coin that doesn’t exist in the negative form. ‘I Am Cold’ is the song of ‘getting better, getting worse, then getting better,” said the gang in BEARS IN TREES. Just like the evaporating heat, there’s no existing excuse for that cycle. But we all do it. It’s a circular dichotomy that is a contrast and a patronizing juxtaposition. Why can’t life be this difficult sometimes? It just is, ya know.

The Hails – Sugar

University of Florida group is made up of Robbie Kingsley (vocals), Franco Solari (guitar + vocals), Dylan McCue (guitar), Andre Escobar (bass), and Zach Levy (drums). The boys said: “The lyrics tell a story about a girl who lives life brazenly and recklessly.” But to be honest, we, as boys, love that part of girls who live like that right?? They hurt us. They crush our hearts. You know she loves you. But the tragedy is written all over the relationship. The lesson is to live each day for what it is and enjoy it. For when it ends, there can be no regrets for the good times.

The Modern Strangers – Magic Hour

The Modern Strangers explained: “We wrote the song whilst on a trip to L.A. It was the day England played Columbia in the World Cup and after that tense penalty shoot out we took the adrenaline into a home studio in Silver Lake and recorded ‘Magic Hour’. It was also our lead singer (Max’s) birthday. The combination of so much excitement resulted in one of our favourite songs to date! We feel it really captures our trip and the emotions we had during that time. We wrote the entire song that day, and finished it off in the UK.” Brothers Max & Archie Davenport head this delicious offering named ‘Magic Hour’. The 80’s succulence is tasty from top to bottom and just like the small of her back, you’re drawn in – in fascination and happiness.


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