Hessam Shares ‘Love Yourself’.

HESSAM’s single ‘Love Yourself’ has the chorus to kill you and take you to another level of ecstasy. It does, effectively, with purpose and generous danceable excellence.

The portrait of a man is painted with this song, as the Swedish-Persian singer takes his past and pushes it to new and better opportunities in his music.

HESSAM’s been in numerous bands, and shows. And through it all, he’d collected the time and experience to put the energy into his solo project.

With 80’s always on his mind, the nostalgic frame of ‘Love Yourself’ is deeply surrounded in the neon lights of a decade past. But through the shimmer of a by-gone era, a new shape and form takes place, for all of us to enjoy and love.

HESSAM stated: “I wrote this song for a friend, but along the way I realised I was also writing to myself. It’s about accepting and appreciating yourself. Loving yourself.”

‘Love Yourself’ is a delight and a lesson to live by.



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