Hex Smokers ‘Virginia Kills’ : An ode. An embrace.

Hex Smokers

Yea. You have a hold on us. Yes. You, the woman of our dreams. Yes. You, the woman who have our world in the palm of her hands. Yes. You, the entity of which we’ll rise and fall, in death of life, do us part. Figuratively of course. Or is it???

Hex Smokers knows what’s up. And in this single, the project wrangles and hails the magical powers that exist from the other sex of the human species. And just like life, songs like this is complex as your brain function that happens in the everyday. Hate nor love, win the day. In fact, the absolute ‘gray’ of your life, perseveres deep into the fabric of existence.

The shimmer and shine (or if you want, the dark and gloom) can be yours if your price is right. And if you’ve ever played along with that game show, you’re almost always wrong. So, life will be peachy keen for you. Ultimately, it’ll be alright. You have her in your arms. You’re more lucky than most.

Embrace it, yo.

‘Virginia Kills’ is an ode to the 1968 Jack Hill classic ‘Spider Baby’.


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