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Hey Anna shares ‘Garage Queen’. Then shares a live vid of the single. Oh my.

Hey Anna shares ‘Garage Queen’ the latest single from the magnetic NYC / Brooklyn / NJ band. It’s been a while since their last single, before ‘Garage Queen’. This was ‘Run Koko’ from 2015, and that was a fab song as well. Always a wish to see more of there output, but shorter in time frame. But that’s just us.

She was the world to me. Then she left me.
I first saw her at the breakfast Inn, in that summer of 98.
Her gleaming lips and sultry demeanor drew me, and others, towards her.
At whim, it was no battle at all. For the war never existed.
Tie my shoes. Tie my present. The sun is out. It’s so warm on my face.
Hey Jana. I brought the hatchback.

We can’t really know why we’re into Hey Anna. But we JUST ARE.

Guess, that could be an acceptable answer. Although, we do have a history of loving odd and quirky song makers.

But either way, the single is just very good entertainment.

No doubt.

Well, check out the video (for their quirky humor), then close your eyes and listen to the song.

We dig it. And you will too.


‘Garage Queen’ released February 2, 2018. The music video released February 8th. The band is made up of Erin Rauch-Sasseen, Anna Rauch-Sasseen, Katie Rauch-Sasseen and Matthew Langner.

Full Album NEXT??



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