Hey Elbow ‘Nurture / Aptitude’ : Clandestine images burst with subtle apertures of sight and sound.

Hey Elbow / Photo: Alice Boman

Avant-nouveaux single ‘Nurture / Aptitude’ by Hey Elbow, pushes aside what could be and demonstrate the relevant decadence, capable and delightful in song and heart.

“‘Nurture / Aptitude’ is as close as we’ve come to writing a ‘catchy’ pop song,” said Hey Elbow. “The starting point was a loop we recorded in our rehearsal place. The loop started life as a vocal harmony we thought we’d lost when a coffee cup was dropped on a microphone during the recording process. A few months later in the studio the loop suddenly re-appeared. It was the frame we needed for our first pop song. We rebuild the central structure into an elongated introduction followed by an ambient outro and slowly it became a Hey Elbow song.’

Consisting of Ellen Pettersson, Julia Ringdahl and Liam Amner the Sweden based alt-pop electronic ensemble delves into hymns of beauty and likelihoods of life and experiences.

Ellen had played with both Julia and Liam in different projects, and when they all got together in Hey Elbow it soon became the project closest to everyone’s hearts.

Clandestine images burst with subtle apertures of sight and sound. Hey Elbow signals pre-cursors of succulent notes and delivers in full flight.


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