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Hey Harriett Shares ‘Too Fast Too Soon’. “Feel It. Enjoy It. Take In The Sights.”

‘Too Fast Too Soon’ is the newest released single from the fabulous surf/rock/pop band HEY HARRIETT from Adelaide, Australia. Their infectious guitar driven odes to love, emotions, relationships, and oddities in between, makes you want to live that scenario with them. And in this single, the trend continues, as the band (only formed in 2017) has garnered quite a following/notoriety in their regional scene.

In November of 2017, they released their debut single ‘Old Parts’. Seems like everything clicked quickly and they took advantage of that chemistry, and launched a ‘gigging assault’ on the scene, taking advantage of the momentum. All the hard work has been fruitful, for fans were won, and audiences in Adelaide and Melbourne continued to welcome them back with open arms.

Georgy Rochow has been working hard at her craft for a long time. And with HEY HARRIETT, and its feel for the un-framed and unlimited imagination on how far they can go, Georgy is poised to make this project great.

The band consists of: Skinner Mitchell, Tushar Singh, Jon Gameau, and Georgy Rochow.

Feel it.

Enjoy it.

Take in the sights of HEY HARRIETT and its musings.



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