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Hey Judy Shares ‘Hahaha’. “Will be your guilty pleasure.”

HEY JUDY is all about fun. You had a sh*tty day or week? HEY JUDY can get those blues off of your dancing shoes. From honkey-tonk, to bluesy indie-rock, the band of Aaron Webb, Judy Webb and Erol Coulter rocks it and missions of getting you to smile is completed, without fail.

‘Hahaha’ is the first track from their latest released sophomore full album ‘What now’. It is the follow up to their 2012 first album ‘What’, and with tongue in cheek fabulousness, ‘What Now’ delivers with consistency, particular expertise, and unbridled energy.

Tulsa, Oklahoma based, but kickin’ your butt anywhere you’re listening, the band is styles and musical craftsmanship coming together to make ‘great music’ together.

Styles as varied as Buddy Holly and the B52s, amplified by the HEY JUDY folk-punk vibe, ‘What Now’ will be your guilty pleasure.

Features Tulsa musician Conor Robb (Dull Drums, Cucumber and The Suntans, Contra) playing lead guitar on every track.

LP ‘What Now’ is out now.



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