Hi Frisco ‘Headspin (Ft. Charlotte Spiral)’ : That gathers your senses and sentiments to quiver.

Hi Frisco

Henry Eastham and Felix Rashman, of Hi Frisco, dangles rhythms of memories with ‘Headspin’. Featuring Charlotte Spiral, it ties in with voluptuous hinderances and nostalgic Brit-rock that gathers your senses and sentiments to quiver.

“Headspin was a song we’d had demo’d for a while but got round to recording it quite late in the album process,” said Hi Frisco. “It’s a love song that was always written to be a duet offering the view of a defiant relationship, struggling against the anxiety and stress of modern life from both perspectives. We spent a while trying to find the right person to match up with the imagined voice in our heads, luckily our friend Alice introduced us to Charlotte Spiral and she more than delivered.”

It’s the culmination of a friendship, a chemistry, a delicate management of visions and just hard and impassioned work.


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