Hideous Sun Demon ‘Distractions’ : Very clear that you should rock like the little devil you are.

Hideous Sun Demon / Photo: James Morris

“‘Distractions’ is our 2nd single to be released after our maiden tour of UK/Europe in late 2019. Its from a series of songs recorded at Flightless Records studio space located in Brunswick, Melbourne: our new home after moving from Perth in 2018. Tracking was done by Casey Hartnett, ‘Distractions was mixed by Jeremy Giddings (hot house studio) and mastered by Jo Carra, Crystal Mastering.

Hideous Sun Demon have had enough of everything. Washing the dishes, seeing the same people every weekend at the same pub, the endless scroll, the relentless trolls, your stupid face and the dead end jobs.

‘Distractions’ laments the repetitive and mind numbing activities we all engage in for the sake of escapism. The vehicle for this message is a thick slab of synth laden chain punk that goes everywhere.

It’s visceral, classic, pointed, decadent.

Vin, Andy and Jake makes it very clear that you should rock like the little devil you are. Besides, the “regular” life, isn’t all cracked up to be, for sure.

This way, it’s just more fun that way.



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