High Grass ‘Around Me’ : The unknown and certain choices. Giving strength when needed.

High Grass

Off of EP ‘The Black Door’, High Grass’ single ‘Around Me’ is a powerful thrust of indie rock.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, High Grass’ front woman Kristina Miranda moved to Cuba in 2010, joining forces with Marciel in 2012, where HighGrass was born. With Cuba being an isolated country, with hardly any internet until 2015, there was a time that Rock and Roll music was banned and could only be found in the underground scene.

“The EP itself is a throwback to the beginning of our journey that started in Cuba, where we wrote and recorded all these songs. Every track is full of energy and there is a storytelling involved,” said Kristina. “We wanted to bring different topics to the table such as relationships, women empowerment, life motivation, drug addiction, TV criticism… The black door symbolizes the unknown and certain choices we all have to make at some moment in our lives.”

Life is harrowing at times. With conviction and trust in their souls, the duo pushes ever deeper in music and the rock n’ roll magisteria.

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