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Highschool Jacob // Bob Li // Jay Kurt // Melissa Lamm // Elijah Blond

Highschool Jacob – Can’t Get Enough

Jacob Masters is HIGHSCHOOL JACOB. You can never know someone who can express the angsts of love and possible loss, like in this funk of a commentary from HJ. Well, if you get up and drive your feet to walk, jump, shuffle, you’re close to how it feels to be slighted. In ‘Can’t Get Enough’, the mis-communication of young love, exacerbates situations of folly and mis-steps. She’s gone now. You’re somewhere else. But love still strings you along. Albeit too late. HIGHSCHOOL JACOB is a fabulous project form Jacob, as its airy and unassuming body of transformations are delicious to get behind.

Bob Li – Ghosts feat. Mother Mercury

There’s something to releasing your ‘first original’ track. And BOB LI’s single ‘Ghost’ is a celebration to the journey taken by Bob’s unfettered determination to get it out into the public sphere. So, here lies BOB LI’s triumphant entrance into the world and we think the energy bubbling in ‘Ghosts’ is a grand ol’ start. Featuring the jazzy-calm vocals of Logan McGarry (Mother Mercury), the overall package of contrasting styles, paint some kind of fab bass-driven rage into the future. Is that a good thing? Well, in this case – yes.

Jay Kurt – Scattered Ruins

From ballad – he stirs. Then, step by step, JAY KURT opens up his heart for how he feels – in honesty, in the hopes of having that connection with the soul he loves. ‘Scattered Ruins’ is a psychologically pertinent description in what we all do with relationships. “What have you done to me? Why do you not let me in? Why do you treat me this way?” is the argument in this poignant single in call-to-arms. The silent and private discussions of and for a partnership that isn’t working, ultimately helps to relieve the angst on the one outcome that seems imminent. However, that doesn’t mean we are all prone to self-doubt, regret, self-blame, and pity. It’s a complex emotional rollercoaster, described in notes by JAY KURT. Word.

Melissa Lamm – Leaving Soon

Stuck with the after-taste of an infatuation turned into a love that won’t fade, and in MELISSA LAMM’s single ‘Leaving Soon’, that constant pang that toes the line between illusion and reality, keeps us awake. The Toronto Canada based singer/songwriter revels, in a sense, of that exact disparity within a relationship in this particular single. The grasping at the empty surges of light, brings no joy in it anymore, as the protagonist tries to keep the emotions locked up and secure. The flood gates of love is straining through in its own weight of desire. See Melissa on her Twitch channel as well, where she performs live for you – her fans.

Elijah Blond – Whispers

Vancouver Canada based singer/rapper ELIJAH BLOND’s single ‘Whispers’ is vaporous, with the cloud of mixes that collectively brings the listener to that place of emotional connection. Indie and pop, ‘Whispers’ is a debut single that is definitively genre bending and contorts productively the aspects of our hearts, into a narrative of sanity. For we all don’t have the answers. For we all don’t know it all. And for sure, we don’t know what they think as well. In this permanent gray, we must succumb to a delicate dance of facts and irripressible conjoining of irrationality. ‘Whispers’ ponders that notion, to a gentle and weaving horizon. Elijah is part of a collective named KNWMRE, and says that 2019 will be his year.


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