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Highschool Jacob // Linnea Ellis // Tru3rivr // Sthlm Transit Club // Stylo

Highschool Jacob – Nobody But You

HIGHSCHOOL JACOB spears you with layers and layers of ‘feels’ in his endeavors. The love stories entrenched in dust and blood, marks the intentions from the battles of degradation and ultimate salvation. ‘Nobody But you’ casts a color on the two toned gray slab of misunderstood emotions, standing here, in the corner, waiting to be recognized. Heartbreak is common. Your uncommon bespoke heartbreak means more. “It’s over, you and I.” But you never get over it, do you.

Linnea Ellis – Warmest Winter

”I wrote Warmest Winter after I had moved to Oslo, not knowing anyone or having a place to stay. I just bought one big bag, filled it up and went. I thought I was done with Stockholm, but after a while I realised that I wasn’t running away from the city so much as from my emotions. So I gathered myself, moved back to Stockholm, and brought with me this song.” This little blurb, made us fall in love with ‘Warmest Winter’ from LINNEA ELLIS. What a way to acquire such a complete stack of emotions – raw, personal, penetrating with daggers. Wow. Kudos, Linnea. Kudos.

Tru3rivr – Forgotten Time

Tru3rivr is a multi-genre and talented frame of bone and flesh, which digs deep into himself and emotions. In this chill and lock-step meander of a single, the rhythms of nature and life, has no hold on the summation. The cause of dilapidation to our inner being, interrupts our baby born purpose. We forget what the original mission really was. ‘Forgotten Time’ deems it important that, maybe – just maybe, our methods of trying to recoup a bit of that collage of meanings. For our f*ck-sake. For our sanity-sake.

Sthlm Transit Club – Garden

There’s too much cynicism in life, aren’t there? We know it. You know it. When we have too much of it, we can go reach for a song like STHLM TRANSIT CLUB’s single ‘Garden’. The debut single makes off with our love, traveling down the rails in a lap of personal luxury. The band is a music collective based out of Stockholm, Sweden, with Canadian-born frontman Steve Motion and his bandmates, Justin Vernon, Lionel Richie, Chris Martin and Joni Mitchell. The playful nature of the songs are a delight, with surprising effect. “We needed that”

Stylo – Ghostown

STYLO’s first project ‘ghostownvideocassette’ will be released soon. And leading up to it, ‘Ghostown’ is here to quench our thirst for petting our sadness within. “I wrote the album after a bad, messy breakup. This is the quote unquote ‘lead single’ from the album. I sporadically released it after losing all the files from my drive along with most of the album which I have since recovered.” Get deep within ‘Ghostown’ and you see that it is one of the stages of getting better about his life. It’s a step in a long road to recovery. STYLO invites us to join. And we do, and he helps us to deal with our own unrealistic remorse in self-doubt and feelings of doom. Can’t wait for the rest of the EP.


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