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Hildur // Becca James // Royse // CUTTS // Geena Fontanella

Hildur – Work

‘Everyday’ and ‘1993’ were the songs that captivated us with HILDUR. The Icelandic songstress, gave us the feelz when we’d premiered her goodness. The alt-pop artist with the pop decadence, kept her work at the edges of pop, flavoring us with a distinct array of sooth and groove. ‘Work’ is another, albeit, more saccharine side of the pop spectrum, her vocals keep it to a world of that distinct HILDUR world that we all love. We’d stated: “And when we think of thoughtful and engaging pop music from that land of glaciers, we think of HILDUR. She makes beautiful music that comes alive with personal stories that dig deep…” Lovely presence is what HILDUR brings.

Becca James – Control

BECCA JAMES comes to the musical world from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Originally from Leeds, the creative sphere of Becca’s footprint is of hitting way over your level, succeeding in pinpointing what it means really to be human, acting, reacting, loving. Vocal expertise of Becca is what’s the central focus and delight of this project. ‘Control’ is a kind of double entendre where the project started as a cappella demo, but it, to us, means her control of her musical future. Firm, grounded, expansive, and energy to head into that wild and exciting premise.

Royse – If I loved you

ROYSE is a pleasure for us. Sometimes, maybe we don’t do her justice enough, but the talented vocalist is a fabulous addition to anyone’s day. ‘If I Loved You’ is an effervescent pop tune that is operatic and themed in smiles. We think that’s natural, for ROYSE is a bundle of smiles and kindness. Well, at least that’s what we think she is in her professional and personal life. The sun is as bright as the artist, in radiating in substance and a talent to be pop and understanding. Accessibility is her calling card, and we think she should be in your play list rotation.

CUTTS – Honey

Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure are the love birds who make the project CUTTS go ‘whoa’. And in ‘Honey’, the seeping of a darker and brooding demand for what’s deserved – for the heart – is why we visit such songs as this. “Cutts opens an entirely new dimension to their story…’Honey’ gives us a glimpse into the sacrifices any artist makes in pursuit of the art itself.”

Geena Fontanella – TRIP

Pop artist GEENA FONTANELLA loves to travel. And just like her professional life, she loves traveling and telling her stories through her fascinating tones. In her single ‘Trip’, the rich vocals take the front and leads the listener into a vibrant and exciting event horizon. The edges are frayed, just enough for the rebel in us all. While the inner core of the pop song, never gets overwhelmed by the succulence of such decadent style of expression.


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