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HILDUR Shares ‘Picture Perfect’. “The Beckoning Is Palpable. And We Love It.”

We think HILDUR’s latest single ‘Picture Perfect’ is our favorite of her emotive musical embodiments. The demonstration of this is obviously apparent within the melodies intertwining along with the harmonies, set exquisitely with the ever ethereal vocals of Hildur.

The beckoning is palpable. And we love it.

Our previous favorite of her publications was ‘Bammbaramm’, a single that is done in her native language. With the difference in feel and tone, amplified by the change in language, ‘Bammbaramm’ was a hit (in our minds) and many others agreed.

Now we’re in 2018, and ‘Picture Perfect’ hits the right chords and pushes Hildur many steps forward in achieving her pop dreams. In addition, Hildur does things her way, in her music and in her way of communicating – especially about her industry, women advocacy, and gender equality.

Her art is her’s to mold. She thinks it’s important to contribute, whatever way you can.

What a combo, eh? We think she’s fab.

We can’t wait to devour more of her works in the future to come.



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