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HINDS – Caribbean Moon (Kevin Ayers cover)

HINDS, with their attitude and international whimsy, released a fun and eclectic cover of a much loved classic from Kevin Ayers, “Caribbean Moon”.

Yep: You want fun? They’ll give you fun!

Actually, we’re not sure why the gals in HINDS decided to do a cover of the song, but it’s consistent with what HINDS brings to the table in the past and present.

And dare we say, we love the girls even more for this tribute to Kevin Ayers, a very interesting and influential artist.

“A rum-lime honey sing a magical tune
Found her underneath the Caribbean Moon
Wind is blowin’ in the coconut tree
Blowin’ the moonlight over you and me”

“Hey Caribbean moon yellow yellow
Caribbean moon yellow yellow
Caribbean moon yellow yellow
Caribbean moon shine all night”

CHF loves the original as much as the covers that were inspired. The song is whimsy, cabaret, extra-ordinary, wicked, cartoonish, serious, and fun – all wrapped into one.

We’re very glad HINDS has done this, increasing a bit more on Kevin Ayers and his contributions.

Now, we’re going to go to the office corner and dance like we just don’t care to this song.

Oh, and below is the original music video of Kevin Ayer’s “Caribbean Moon”. Enjoy.



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