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HiRSH Shares ‘The Well’. You Try Harder, Louder.

Screaming at the hardest, sometimes can seem very unproductive. Some people hear you; some people just ignore you – and that poses a difficult situation. Internally you want to shout. Society tells you NOT to shout, if you can. But everyday, all you want to do is ‘shout’. You’re so frustrated, angry, and want to just bust out of this ‘shell’ of a life you hate.

Then you try. You try to shout at the top of your lungs’ full capacity.

Nothing happens.

Nobody seems to hear you.

Their ears seem to close faster and tighter.

It can’t be your fault right?

But there’s only one way of relieving your ‘hurt’, and shouting is all that you know.

You apologize.

You try harder, louder.

HiRSH is a project by Beau Hirshfield. And the well, must fill up with water for all of us to escape the isolation.

Hope it works.



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