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History Of Time Shares ‘I Cry Wolf (Acoustic)’. Let The Song Simmer, Sizzle, Mold.

‘I Cry Wolf’ isn’t a single that isn’t included in HISTORY OF TIME’s latest 10 song EP (LP?) ‘The Comfort’, which was a slight let-down. But we could feel what he’s trying to do here. In any case, the project is generally a mix and match of many different facets of genres, and it always have been. The Spanish guitar influence still exists in spurts on the latest publication – not as hearty or robustly represented but does.

The goodness is within the spread of ideas through the knee deep philosophy behind the project.

H.O.T is an artist first, then he happens to be a musician. He’s a spoken word proponent and incorporates the techniques and assistance in his latest offering liberally. This makes the listening experience a varied and wide salad with interesting focuses.

The eclectic thoughts in his head is a long time coming and should have an audience that can appreciate his attempts at his sonic paintings.

Let’s see how it goes.




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