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HM Johnsen Shares ‘Walk This Road’. “Will This road be it?”

Regrets weigh the soul. Regrets deny with emphatic certainty. Being bogged down in one place, every place in this world feeling like it was never made for you exist. Lost in a swamp of life, where nothing seems to be going your way.

Derailment is a friend of yours.

Despair is the walking stick to a horizon that doesn’t shine any longer.

Will this be it?

HM JOHNSEN’s simple and direct folk based single ‘Walk This Road’ is an atmospherically honest surge in emotions and acceptance. The acceptance is of the current plight – of a man, a woman, a life, a soul – who might or might not want to engage in a meaningful way with the future any longer.

Breathing is the easy part.

Existing and thriving, is another story.

HM said of ‘Walk This Road’: “Often in life, we go different ways. The song is about trying to help an old friend stay on track. My friend has been struggling to find himself, and has made some bad decisions over the years. I wrote this song to him hoping he will find his way home, and that he will one day find his purpose in life”.

Traversing the line between folk and rock, HM JOHNSEN comes with his sleeves rolled up and offers a spectrum of salutation to his own feelings and tales of others. The Norwegian artist tries to create with the notion of introspection and laissez faire.




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