HOAX ‘more than you know’ : It’s a human question. With an imperfect answer. Beauty in its own way.


Queens NY indie-pop band Hoax does the deep thought exercises about “modern dating app romances” and “traditional arranged marriages” in the single ‘more than you know’. It’s a question that has been plaguing new generations of families throughout cultures. There has never been an easy, rubber stamp answer to the phenomenon, but as humans age and look for more meaning in life, questions of ‘worth’ and ‘placement’ within this life surges.

“I’ve recently been obsessing over the idea of algorithms,” said Mike Raj (frontman/lead vocalist) “especially modern romances that propelled from dating apps. We would put trust into an algorithm that finds us matches based on different factors of convenience. You can trust in a computational programmed algorithm to find your perfect match — very much like how my parents trusted an analog version of an algorithm (aka my grandparents) to find a spouse.A lot of the conceptual story of our debut album, b?, is about people trying to develop an algorithm to simulate the human condition.”

“Looking back now on my parents’ 25+ years of marriage, to think it was founded in an arrangement between my grandparents seems almost improbable. I think that is also a testament to how love can be expressed nonverbally and in many different ways. When love is formed in passionate youth, words might come easier in expressing that love. But on the other hand, love that has been gently groomed and watered to blossom by shared experience, lows and highs, sacrifice and pain – those words might come a little slower, even if they are undoubtedly felt and understood. That is what this song is about.”

It’s a human question. With an imperfect answer, where one thing’s for sure: there is beauty in the longevity and dedication to such institutions.

To each his/her own, don’t you think?

HOAX is an indie pop-rock band from Queens, New York. It is the musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar.


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