Hobart Curtis ‘These Drugs Don’t Work’ : Life, liberty, and the pursuit for what this world can throw at you.

Hobart Curtis

These Drugs Don’t Work is a musical representation of Hobart Curtis’ dances with over indulgence, in various scattered attempts to shell away from real problems. Musically, coming from a progressive pop song with 80s hints direction (think Smiths, New Order), the track gifts life into a melancholic lyrical selection with moody disco guitars and popping, glittery synths.

The Australian (Brisbane) indie pop artist, dives right into his feelings of confusion, doubt, love, and hate. Examining the contrasts of what a heart can adhere to and from, his music salivates into a froth of poppy innuendos in part of our animal instincts to thwart our own happiness.

But out from that mist, Hobart’s ripe and decadent effervescence in ‘These Drugs Don’t Work’ brings you to a whole new world of life, liberty, and the pursuit for what this world can throw at you.

You’re more stronger than you think.

Hobart makes this single shine, even in the light of struggles and challenges with emotions unkempt. Glad Hobart’s on all of our sides.

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New track — Morning Light — This Friday

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