Hola Chica ‘Asleep’ : Being awake and associated of the actions that should be taken

Maybe ‘Asleep’ can be your turn, around that corner.

Hola Chica / Photo: B E L R U I Z @Betlegrafias

Hola Chica is a 5 piece indie-pop band from Barcelona founded in 2013. Their sound has been influenced by bands such as Air , Metronomy , Blur , Foster The People or Pond .

The song is inspired by a “person’s obsession after a failed relationship and their inability to see beyond what was there… To try to set their own goals and follow them, to find again the lost dream and be able to rest, leaving the past behind.”

The band has decided long ago that they can equate deeper slivers of thoughts and commentaries about their experiences, within the curt exasperations for the good and fair things in life. Their latest vibes of pastel insinuations, flow through their vibes, in technicolor excitement and revelry. Jumping from one to the next, your feet and legs can’t help but cheer for the things to come – just over the horizon.

The clandestine thrust of ‘Asleep’ is synonymous to the gumption of being awake and associated of the actions that should be taken. Life is too short. Shorter than we all think. The rush of the end of your personal time on this earth, rushes as the age, becomes larger in total.

An inevitable feeling that could be mitigated by the driving shine of attitudes, turned.

Maybe ‘Asleep’ can be your turn, around that corner.



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