Holdan Shares ‘Bright Red’ Off Of His Upcoming Debut Album.

HOLDAN creates for himself all of the trappings of being an artist, curating the sometimes lonesome road, with the curiously attractive means of what it means to sing your heart out. In his single ‘Bright Red’, though understated and with a tinge of hiphop rhythms, the pop artist gains with poignant lyrics and reverent thrust of sultriness.

Leaving his native Florida to seek out his own fortunes, he stated: “I didn’t have any friends except for one…It just took me to places in my mind that I’d never been to before, and when you go there you end up coming back 10 times stronger. No matter what, it’s good to have friends but ultimately you need to care about yourself.”

Holdan continued: “I just want my music to affect as many people as possible. But I’m not here to be whored out. That’s not what I want. I never want to lose sight that this is art, more than a product. I’m not any kind of bubblegum pop. I’m in this for the real shit.”

Deep issues, entangled with victories and defeats, the ups and downs of a young man on a quest is inlaid in this subtly anthemic promise to himself. In the light of it all, it also effects his listeners and his fans.

The catchy pop melodies and hooks makes things a bit better as the harshness of life, becomes easier to swallow.

Holdan’s trip continues, as the teen from Florida grips the future with both hands.

His debut EP ‘I Lost My Friends In The Spring’ drops soon.


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