Holdan Shares ‘Lost’. “Get in with the melodies.”

HOLDAN comes offering gifts of muted tones and majestic hues in ‘Lost’. The follow up to his debut single, We’d said about HOLDAN: “…creates for himself all of the trappings of being an artist, curating the sometimes lonesome road, with the curiously attractive means of what it means to sing your heart out.”

Punk-rock artist who makes alt-pop is always a beautiful thing. Because of the possibilities of new and edgy elements that could be infused from a slightly different musical point of view, you drool in anticipation.

We did.

HOLDAN keeps the tradition alive, as this fab single delights with pause, and highlights with external gradients of thought.

Nineteen year-old LA based HOLDAN is Holdan Sutton. And he added: “I get distracted and discouraged by a lot of things, and this song is about not beating yourself up because of it, because it’s a piece of the journey. I guess you’ve got to go through that s**t to find the stuff that feels good, maybe you just have to be lost to find someone.”

Get in with HOLDAN and the melodies.

His debut EP ‘I Lost My Friends In The Spring’ drops soon.



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