Holden Laurence ‘Wild Horses’ : Wander no more.

Holden Laurence

Like the sound of a novel well written, the wide open expanse of ‘Wild Horses’ grips with imagination and overwhelming pull in vibrance. As Holden’s cheeky notations for exploration culminate in a trek of personal learning, the song is Morrissey-esque in it reigning in of off-kilter story telling and modern pop vibes.

The single “is a coming-of-age drama about a young girl with a gypsy heart and a wandering mind trapped in a broken suburban home. She lusts for the freedom to chase her own adventures and make her own mistakes instead of being caught in the crossfire of other people’s pain. Some horses can’t be tamed…”

Holden’s good faith to the things that makes you scope for another plain of existence, effortlessly exude into reality.

Wander no more.


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