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Hollis Lomax // The Motion Epic // [lessness] // Funereal Advantage // Kelsey Waters

Hollis Lomax – Blind

Crystal clear skies open up when HOLLIS LOMAX plays. And in ‘Blind’, the Oxford/London based band takes style into another fathom of thoughts and empathy. Creating backstories of sounds and audible colors, the fusion of jazz, psychedelia irrevocably changes your thought on reality. The unassuming band, effortlessly bring the other-worldly into lyrics, original and delicious. And in the chorus of ‘Blind’, you’re kicked in the head – totally blown away – at the depth of creativity that exists. You are disoriented for moment, but regain your center, but at what cost? HOLLIS LOMAX is an unsettling conversation of struggles and challenges. The beauty in this single is oceans deep.

The Motion Epic – Cool Kids

Retro-nostalgia is where ‘Cool Kids’ is at. And in a moment’s time you’re transferred back to your high-school of the 80’s that you may or may not have gone through. But the 80’s is a decade of cultural phenomenons that lives deep within all our DNA. It’s a ubiquitous trend in a decade. And when THE MOTION EPIC, a project of Pat DiMeo and Producer Dre K, brings the waves pouring over your psyche, your first reaction is of freedom form the everyday, and a big ol’ smile on your face. The stresses relieve, as it melts all around you – even if it’s for a moment. “I wrote this song while reminiscing of my childhood and how I always wished I had grown up in,” said Pat. Don’t we all? We feel ya.

[lessness] – Would you…?

“The song is about the duplicity of human condition, alway divided in two. Good/Evil, Ying/Yang, Love/Hate etc bla bla,” said [lessness]. Isn’t that the truth? As the electronic drums roll on, painting that 80’s new-wave torrents, ‘Would you…?’ takes up the mantle in driving fun with the ego shattering social realities of human behaviors. People are complex. Look at the system of governing and work that we utilize to make thing as efficient or inefficient as possible. Power, ambition, competition, jealousy, hate are some of the things that are embedded in our world of humans. It’s just a necessary fact of life. Balance makes the world go forward, you might say. If we look at it closely, it’s a good argument. [lessness] makes sure that we keep the conversation in the fore.

Funereal Advantage – Black House

Excitement never stops with FUNEREAL ADVANTAGE. ‘Black House’ is just very cool. Not like cool the touch, but as in that we want to be as close to its aura as possible. It’s like the girl you’d always admired in school. It’s like the first kiss from that girl you admired. Although the aura is cool, the subject of the song is very much a confessional; a promise to the other that you can love them the way they should – but can’t. “Black House is about admitting to someone that you don’t have it in you to love them back,” stated FUNEREAL ADVANTAGE. Find out more about the band and their upcoming singles when their new upcoming album ‘Nectarine’ drops February 22nd.

Kelsey Waters – I Pour

Retro. 60’s surf. Bad-ass. KELSEY WATERS’ single ‘I Pour’ shakes up the joint, as the piano and classic drums drive up the attitude as Kelsey’s sultry vocals take the edge off of a hard day. Heartaches, disappointments, romance all combine to make the perfect storm in this tale. She reminisces about the times of hardship, relegated to the lonesome depression of drinking alone – even if being with others. But somehow we think she’d been planning her escape from that patch of doldrums, setting herself to the bigger levels of ecstasy, which she knew she deserved to taste. In that way, we toast with Kelsey. A fight never ends, unless you want it to.


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