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HOLLYWISE Shares ‘Insomnia Arpeggio’. “Let me regain that strength again.”

Losing my mind in the vastness of the emptiness of inner caverns; I died that day you left me. You left me there to die, rot, become one with the Earth again. Was it that easy for you? You’ve made me into a husk of a man, with no more ambition or taste for life any longer. I used to love watching the Discovery Channel for the lovable animals and wildlife. Now, I’m just watching conspiracies on History channel, delighting in the thoughts of why the Universe is so against me.

Come back to me, won’t you?

Don’t leave me here to dissolve into this unrelenting irrelevance. Don’t let me absolve my last remaining dignity, into nothingness. Don’t let me, be the way I have loved but lost the one bright shining object in life.

Let me regain that strength again.

Won’t you?

HOLLYWISE is unknown to us. No information to query. Zero social breadcrumbs to trace. But this isn’t the first time that’s happened, and when ‘Insomnia Arpeggio’ is playing, all that doesn’t matter. The single is about a struggle of a night, or nights, of anguish and self induced horror. Relatable and thematic, it’s something that could be inherent when a ‘switch’ (the wrong switch) in our soul turns on. And we don’t want that part to turn on, sometimes, because it can be a b*tch.



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