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Hollywood Shares ‘Parachute’. “Ambition, Dreams, and Inspirations.”

Beautifully sung and presented single ‘Parachute’ is off of the brand new (available now) album of Oslo originating band, HOLLYWOOD. The 3 piece band is a consolidation of solo artist, Billie Van, Jonas Alaska and Mikhael Paskalev, coming together to offer something very much special.

Ambition starts with a dream.

Dream grow from inspiration.

Inspirations are the kernel of thought and absorption, from heroes, outside of self.

Like a soliloquy of sights and sounds, with unbound traditions of such past bands like BREAD, the hymns spouted laboriously and so satisfyingly by the band is indicative of their own journeys of Ambition, Dreams, and Inspirations.

With harpsichord synthesizers, driving the track, ‘Parachute’ emboldens with ample latitude, giving away the game, but never the war. The righteous anthem of love and the privilege of being loved, encrusts this solitary song, for the masses to consume with no guilt.

‘Close To You’ is an 8 song journey, developed in their friendships; cast in stone with talent and gumption. The album keeps this theme going, and going, with zero tolerance for pause.

The unusually un-perishable harmonies strike up the right vibes.

Look for even more from the trio.

See them next @ Kafe Skuret in Trondheim, Norway September 27th.


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