Holow ‘Counterfeit (Feat. Eliza Roe)’ : Music is what he does. Can’t you tell? Of course you can. Let’s dance.


‘Counterfeit’ – mysterious French producer HOLOW join forces with Burlington-based singer Eliza Roe for an exciting return. Perfectly in tune with springtime, this brand new melodic, sun-soaked cut – sits as the perfect blend between Pop and Deep-House.

It comes out as the follow-up of ‘She Said’, released late 2019, and sees Arthur a.k.a HOLOW polish his wide range of production skills. The irresistibly danceable tune is built upon a smooth – but simmering – beat, fusing warm bass line, electronic synths and Eliza’s mesmerizing vocal.

Holow is the project of Arthur Lasnel. He’s a talented buck, and music is what he does. Can’t you tell? Of course you can.

Listen, yo.


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