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HOLY ’57 Shares ‘Alison’. Love Is Captured, Lost, Described, Tossed…Then Let Free.

Frolicking in the waters crest, I seek thee in graduated hues. Looking for that monstrosity within, that cold hearted amalgam in seduced premonitions; untrue, unforgettable, unfathomable.

The bubbles of breath, shine and shimmer, as they pass the depths of the dark and egregious ocean of love. There are dangers frothing at the mouth, waiting patiently to gobble up the uninitiated, and ignorant.

Then they pop, above the surface, into air which it’s never been. But the bubbles are home; home to the environment, it always was a part of. It had been kidnapped, for a time, by the lungs of solitude.

But now.. now it was free. Molecules able to dance, and dance the day and nights away.

Love is captured, lost, described, tossed into a corner, and then let free. It’s sometimes an absolute mess.

Oh, but that one touch. That one smile. That one kiss. It makes all the pain of being one on an island, worth the wait.

HOLY ’57 is Alex Mankoo. ‘Alison’ is from his mini-album ‘L’ and is the third single from that offering.

He’ll be playing on July 23rd @ Camden Assembly (London UK) with Yizzy / Dockem & Malone / Andro / Naomi Banks.



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