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Kate Paris

Holy Louis – The Divine Arrow

“‘The Divine Arrow’ is the story of a Don Juan, who had stopped believing in romantic love, being slapped in the face by the realization that he has fallen into, been bewitched by, a pair of beautiful eyes. The terror he feels at the enormity of his feelings knocks him for six, calling into question the solidity of the house of cards he has built for himself with bricks of superficiality, solitude and seduction.” HOLY LOUIS is a singer and multi-instrumentalist based in the south of France and better known as the male voice of the indie slow rock band, Budapest. Holy is a concept. A representation of a reflection on how and why we should conduct ourselves, outside of the norm. And when Holy describes it in his songs, we’re not too far off from getting where we’d like to be. Distilled from the sun, ‘The Divine Arrow’s sit around the camp-fire, chant and clap singalong vibe is exactly what Holy wants you to feel. It’s the attraction of this hoky traditional vibe that he’s so keen on expressing. It’s the essence of returning to a beloved past, where maybe, just maybe we can dip our toes back into absolving our debts to our emotions. Oh, and it’s love in its utmost surreal and ‘divine’. That too. Look for more from this chameleon.

Frankly Speaking – All I Can Hope

Frankly Speaking is the monicker for singer, songwriter, producer, and performer Jordon Frank. In Los Angeles, after his college years, Jordon along with producer Toby Semain, then recorded his debut album titled ‘Edit, Undo’. It didn’t take long to get recognized, and his single ‘Wasting all my time’ was nominated at the LA Music Awards for best punk vocal in 2007. Fast forward to now. He’s here and as he continues to develop his sound and message. A place of where the whirls and traditions of piano driven rock pop comes at you with gumption and exploration with ‘All I Can Hope’. The charming and wistful encompassing harmonies, layered with the story to tell, Jordan, sings with confidence to do the tale of gain and loss, the justice that he’d intended. In 2009, Jordon decided to move back to his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. Since then, he has teamed up with Juno Award winning producer/songwriter Paul Otten, and released 4 more albums. Songs from these albums can be heard on retail radio, various film/television placements, as well as advertisements for GE, and more. Sentimental positivity exudes from ‘All I Can Hope’. It helps us get real with our the child within us, to cope with the future.

Mutts – Treason

Over the last decade, Chicago’s Mutts have played over 1,000 shows and released ten records. Together, Mike Maimone (keys, vocals), Bob Buckstaff (guitar, bass), and Ian Tsan (drums) remind us that a gritty determination to chase your dreams, damn the odds, is as American as it gets. While the bones of Stuck Together initially were crafted in fits and starts, it came to fruition in classic Mutts style; live, in one complete take of the band as a whole, before adding overdubs and vocals. Things can be rough out there, and you have to be up for the fight; but Mutts know how it feels, and they want you to remind you there’s no need to go it alone. “We’re all stuck together on this burning rock, and it sucks a lot of the time,” says Tsan, “but we still have to work together to put out the fire.” Rockin’ and thumpin’ Mutts gets it done. Look for their upcoming LP ‘Stuck Together’, out October 25th.

No Middle Name – Meet the Folks Part 1

‘Meet the Folks Part 1’ is: A young girl brings her boyfriend home to meet her parents who disapprove, causing them to make plans to run away. Told from the lover’s perspective in this upbeat catchy girl/boy duet. The 7th release by indie pop act No Middle Name, the project is from the heart of David Bailey from The Title Sequence. The debut album was recorded in 7 week in a London studio in 2013. Charming and floating, the duet is sentimental and lovely to the bone. You want to get to know the two characters. You ship them like crazy. You want them to be safe and be together forever. Mission accomplished David. Kudos.

Eden Iris – Birthday Baby

Eden professed: “I’m releasing one single every 6 weeks until I drop an album next year. ‘Birthday Baby’ is the first release.” She continued: “I wrote ‘Birthday Baby’ in a jam-style songwriting session at my home studio with fellow kiwi Emily Edrosa. We came up with the guitar riff first and wanted the melody and lyrics to be simple and somber. To me, the lyrics…tell the story of two people existing in an estranged relationship, who are unable to come to terms with it. Both people are waiting for something to happen, but no one is willing to do anything to break out of their own isolation. It’s sort of an ode to loneliness.” See Eden perform next @ The Other Door, in North Hollywood on October 23rd. Feel the ol’ school 90’s pop vibe and the lyrics driven by folk sensibilities presented in this song. It’s lonesome. It’s a tale of needs. You get invested.

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